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Planning Permission Granted for Renovation of Crumlin Road Courthouse

Crumlin road courthouse photographs

We are happy to announce that planning permission has finally been granted for the renovation of Crumlin Road Courthouse, a landmark building in the heart of Belfast. This iconic building is set to be restored and developed into the luxurious Crum Hotel. Approved by Belfast City Council, we hope to transform this treasured and historic […]

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The Most Amazing Restoration Projects to Happen in Belfast

Belfast is full of beautiful buildings and stunning historic properties. But like much of the UK, many heritage properties in the city have fallen into disrepair, neglected due to low funding and lack of use. Here at Signature Living, our most successful hotels started their Signature journeys in much the same state. From the derelict […]

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Titanic Museum Launches Bid to Bring 5,500 Artefacts to Belfast

A group of UK museums have made an offer of $19.2 million to buy 5,500 artefacts salvaged from the Titanic wreck in an effort to prevent the collection being broken up and sold to private collectors.  If successful, many of the artefacts will be housed in the iconic Titanic Belfast Museum. National Museums Northern Ireland […]

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The Best RMS Titanic and Maritime Attractions in Belfast

The rich maritime history of the Northern Irish capital brings visitors from across the globe to Belfast. The city is famous for its deeply rooted connection to RMS Titanic and the White Star Line shipping company. If you’re looking to explore Belfast’s shipping history, we’ve put together a list of the best Titanic attractions and […]

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The Most Impressive Buildings Designed by Sir Charles Lanyon

Sir Charles Lanyon is considered to be one of Belfast’s most prominent and influential architects of the Victoria Era. During Lanyon’s time, Belfast was expanding greatly to become Ireland’s most important industrial city and briefly holding a larger population than Dublin. In his career, Charles Lanyon built a number of impressive and original buildings that […]

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5 Famous Streets of Belfast You Have to Visit

From fascinating facts about the strong politics that the city is built upon, to a look back at how some of these roads were first created, delve into some amazing history on 5 famous streets of Belfast. This city is bursting with amazing history and heritage. Crumlin Road First in our list of the most […]

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Then and Now: Fascinating Images of Belfast Through Time

Belfast is known for its rich history, diverse culture and unique architecture. To celebrate this, we’ve found some amazing images of Belfast through time that really show how the city has changed and developed over the years. From abandoned courthouses to stunning snapshots of the town centre in the sixties, check out these fascinating photos […]

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Top Reasons Why You Must Visit Belfast in 2018

Belfast is a city bursting with culture, history, amazing attractions and great places to eat. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or you’re a seasoned traveller, there are plenty of reasons why you must visit Belfast in 2018. Recently, the Lonely Planet officially named Belfast and the Causeway Coast the Number One Region in […]

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