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Planning Permission Granted for Renovation of Crumlin Road Courthouse

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We are happy to announce that planning permission has finally been granted for the renovation of Crumlin Road Courthouse, a landmark building in the heart of Belfast. This iconic building is set to be restored and developed into the luxurious Crum Hotel. Approved by Belfast City Council, we hope to transform this treasured and historic […]

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Five Interesting Facts About Crumlin Road Courthouse and Gaol

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Crumlin Road has long been a fascinating place, not only for the people of Belfast. Captivating people around the world for its high-profile trials, beautiful build and long history, it’s no wonder that facts about Crumlin Road Courthouse and Gaol are plentiful and so interesting. We take a look at some of our favourite five […]

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Exploring the Crumlin Road Gaol

The Crumlin Road Gaol dates back to 1845 and for 150 years was a fully operational prison. During those 150 years the Gaol housed murderers, suffragettes, loyalist and republican prisoners. It witnessed births, deaths and marriages and was the site of numerous executions, escapes, hunger-strikes and riots. Today, the Gaol is open to the public and […]

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Could the Crumlin Road Tunnel be Reopened?

Crumlin Road Courthouse has played a unique part in Belfast’s history and thanks to Signature Living, it will be a key part of the city’s future too. As the location where many famous Belfast trials were tried, the walls of the courthouse have their fair share of stories to tell. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect […]

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Behind the Build of Crumlin Road Courthouse

Crumlin Road Courthouse has been an iconic landmark of Belfast from the moment its walls took foundation in the north of Northern Ireland’s capital city. While it may be famous for controversial trials and its role in The Troubles, many people ignore the fact that the build of Crumlin Road Courthouse is as fascinating as […]

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Belfast History: 5 of the Oldest Buildings in Belfast

Belfast is a city bursting with history and charm. And to celebrate its timeless architecture, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the most fascinating buildings in Belfast history… Belfast History: Oldest Buildings in Belfast McHugh’s Bar Dates Back to: Circa 1710 Located: Queen’s Square, Belfast Originally built as a private dwelling, […]

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Discover the History of the Titanic in Belfast

The Titanic may have set sail from Southampton and been registered in Liverpool, but it was Belfast’s famous shipyards built the doomed, luxury cruise liner. Belfast’s Docks were leading the industry with an abundance of mills, factories and warehouses supplying the entire world, but it was their ship-building work that really stole the show. These […]

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Things to Look Forward to in Belfast 2018

If the January blues are bringing you down, then worry not. In Belfast, there’s plenty to look forward to over 2018. From luxury hotels, fashion shows and exciting new flights, take a browse at what to keep an eye out for throughout the year. Belfast Fashion Week Runway Shows   Belfast Fashion Week Runway Shows […]

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